Sermon: Iím Too Blessed to be Stressed

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It seems unthinkable that you can actually get blessed beyond the point of being stressed; however there are weapons as Christians we can use to overcome stress and worry in our life.  For those of you that are non-believers, just give some of these a try anyway as some of these suggestions can be employed by anyone. This is a basic outline that can help get you started on the road to overcoming stress:

 Newest Add-on:Stand up, hold both arms out straight, do a deep slow inhale, hold for a few seconds then release slowly. As you repeat this slowly lower your arms down about 4 degrees each time.As you begin to feel more relaxed, imagine that you are an observer and that everything that is going on around you is a TV show you are watching.You are simply watching the show and are not directly involved in it.This was hard for me to do but I finally tried it and it worked! By imagining myself outside this situation I was better able to focus on a solution without getting so emotional that the emotion became the enemy.For you Star Trek fans, sometimes it pays to be Vulcan because getting upset about something doesnít solve it; it just makes your body work harder and risks you having a stroke or a heart attack to name of few.Do I sound cold hearted?Not at all!I already have used this technique to help save someoneís life!If I cannot think calmly in a terrible situation, I am no use to that person and will fail.After I did what I needed to do, I did not hold back any feelings and gave a good cry.Holding our feelings in can damage us to.Even if it gives you a bad migraine, it is NECESSARY, and there are bio-feedback methods to stop and/or limit headache intensity, but that is another website and I will link that site when I am able.


   1.  Donít procrastinate!  If the problem can be fixed and you are able to do it sooner than later, this can help alleviate the "stewing" that can occur when something is put off till later. If you cannot take care of the situation immediately, stepping outside of the situation to reason the next best options can be a worthwhile alternative. (See item 6).

   2. Praise out the frustration.  I have discovered that praising God in the middle of your dilemma, even thanking Him helps to greatly reduce the frustration part of stress that builds up when things are going wrong.   These are biblical related principals found in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and Psalms 9:2.  Praise helps to lift emotion and be glad.  Read throughout Psalms and see how uplifting these verses are! So what if you are too stressed to even say a praise? Well, I found this helps: hold your arms out straight and inhale slowly, exhale slowly and lower arms slightly. Repeat this ten times then take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can. Then after you blow the air out, then inhale and exhale quickly 5 times. I would check with your doctor before trying this as it may not be right for everybody, I just know this worked wonders for me.

   3. Walk away from the problem if possible.  Sometimes I find the best thing is to let a problem alone for a while.  Pray about it to get direction from the Lord and then come back to it later.  You would be surprised the difference this can make.  "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  Proverbs 3:6

   4. Learn when to give up and give it to God:  There are some things that are just too much for us to handle.  When we get to that challenge, it is time to say "Jesus, I am giving this problem to you, give me the grace to make it right within my spirit and let you keep it."  You would be amazed how much stress this can free you from.  Again it goes back to Proverbs 3:6.

   5. Expect things might go wrong sometimes:  If we always think the day is going to be totally free of trouble, we fool ourselves and set ourselves up for a really frustrating day.  When I turn on my computer for example, I anticipate that it may do something to act up from time to time.  By preparing ahead of time then I don't have the "disappointment frustration" that develops.  This is not like you are wishing for or inviting trouble, it is just a prep to help you deal with whatever may come you way.  If you do by chance have a day that seems free of trouble, well then you feel even better about it than if you hadn't prepared for trouble.  That ďsign of relief" can be a real blessing. as much as preparing for a possible "something might go wrong today so I am going to beat the problem by praying and mentally preparing ahead of time."

   6. Try distancing yourself from the problem. I was advised to step out of my situation and pretend I was watching it on a television movie. As crazy as this sounded, it worked! Stepping outside for a moment allowed my emotions to quiet down and think through more logical options and solutions to the problem.

   7. Sometimes trouble is there to help you grow.  Once you realize this you can look at the situation from a more positive perspective rather than just dwelling on the negatives.  I have found that saying "Thank you Jesus!" seems to create an extra feeling of victory over the situation even before itís fixed.  Itís like Iím giving the devil a black eye by defying him in not allowing him to frustrate me.  Iím also already thanking God ahead of time for the solution as well as thanking him for the trial to help me to grow.  It may sound crazy but using the scriptureí "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1Thessalonians 5:18, it really DOES work!!

   8. Understand what it really means to be blessed.  A lot of time we mistake blessings by just getting worldly things such as increased pay, a new home, good health.  But there are spiritual blessings that are a much far greater reward to experience.  You can find a lot of these in Psalms, and think about the list of blessings Jesus preached in Matthew 5:3-12

   9. Access your blessings by asking.  Sounds simple, but do any of us really take enough time to do this.  This is not a selfish prayer, this is a prayer that helps you, blesses you and rescues you from additional stress so you can be a blessing to others. This prayer of Jabez I have been doing every morning found in 1 Chronicles 4:10..  I strongly suggest reading the book "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson to get the deeper understanding of the power this pray and what it actually means to you.

   10. You must wrestle for your blessing!  Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for.  Observe what happened to Jacob in Genesis 32:24 Ė30

   11. Read or watch something funny.  Reading or watching something funny, talking to someone and finding something to chuckle about. I read on a hollistic website how this is clinically proven to help reduce your stress. I also heard a sermon preached about " A Medicine called Laughter" For additional info link to the holistic site at here as well as visit the main site at


This is just a scratch on the surface.  I hope to eventually get a video sermon available on the web that will go into this subject in much greater depth.  There is a lot more good information on this website that helps you access real happiness by learning the basics that enable you to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I hope this note of encouragement as been a help and a starting point.  May today truly be your day of overcoming stress through blessings.

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