Missing pets: Before and After


Preparing ahead of time with microchip technology( I recommend Home Again as has worked numerous times for me) This technology is very useful should your animals get misplaced.  Better yet, if you can get a group discount for GPS trackers (with collar adjustment will even fit on cats).  I have to modify a small dog collar and make it smaller and secure so wouldn’t break away from the cat but comfortably snug to avoid snagging on something.  The GPS I use is Tagg: The Pet Tracker and it has a very streamline way of fitting atop which helps reduce risk of snagging.


If however you already lost your pet and lets say you don’t have the GPS, do what I did on You Tube to help people find her. She ran away before I could get the GPS collar on her so have been passing flyers around with a website link so people can view her and know it may be her. This is available on both the You Tube link as well as on this website at http://www.1apostolic.com/cat.htm

I also found high digital quality at the Copy Cat printer office in my area. There may be a print shop where you live and best to get a high quality non glossy photo or if you have a computer, some shops can use a flash drive and print your poster that was saved from your flash drive without digital fuzziness that occurs slightly when copying from a copy.



I personally will do some things to get attention to finding Kiara, possibly having a bunch of helium balloons with large poster of her on it and hold a tie line as I release it, making sure it is in an area far from power lines or trees and heavily traveled location, with the picture, the words $100 reward, go to

1apostolic.com/cat.htm in large print . The name of the vet office, in this case “CLEARLAKE VET”

and the phone number 707-994-9100.


She ran away some time ago and we found her before. The microchip was a major help.  Hopefully I pray these new methods I am using will help not only find her faster but assist anyone else who has recently had a pet run away after a disaster or whatever the reason.  At least this info may help someone while I continue to look for mine.


I wish to offer special thanks to all the above I mentioned including Bark Avenue pet grooming for dogs and cats,  which also is helping leave a poster of Kiara on their window.


Additional important info to consider can be found at www.2ndchance4pets.org