The 23rd Psalm


We are Clay (Dirt)

Laughter is a Medicine!

The Bread of Life

Faith, Hope and Love

A Mother

Lord Lift Our Countenance

The Power of Prayer

God vs Satan

Who Needs Salvation?

God Knows All

Benefits of Christian Living

Who Shall Seperate Us from the Love of God?

Jesus is the Door

We are Family


Our Goal: Heaven


The Gift

The Golden Rule


The World Didn't Give it and the World Can't Take it Away

God's Unchanging Hand

Jesus - The Resurrection and the Life

The Word of God

Lord Guide My Feet



God's Unfailing Word


How to Have a Pure Heart

God's Greatest Gift

Get In the Ark

Heavenly Facelift

God Is Alive!

A Friend We Have in Jesus

He Has Risen!

One Church

The Two Families

How to Believe


Watch (Signs of Jesus\92 Coming)

True Freedom

Look Where God Brought Me From

Know God, Know Peace

Real Hope

How to get saved

The Coming of the Lord

Reasonable Service

Fasting and Praying

Keep Your Lamp Full

Value of Knowledge

Hope (partial)

Now is the Time

The Wrath of God

Life is in the Word and the Word is Life

The Love of a Father

Emergency Numbers

Traditions of Men

Jesus Revealed


The Sabbath Day (partial)

Humble Yourselves before God



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