Storm Preparedness

On this website there currently are numerous steps that can help with reducing pollution and helping to save the environment as well as energy costs listed in “Ways to Beat the Heat” and “Easy Ways to Save in Hard Times.”  There is additional information that can be found at The Weather Channel SIte Map as well as  Green Energy News


I also recommend that you google for latest information of environmental solutions and check with your local PGE for energy rebates on home insulation and other home improvement that they recommend.


Additional ideas can that help the environment include:  growing a garden, planting trees, reduce water consumption, recycling as much as possible, reducing car travel and using mass transit, biking or walking, turning off unused lights, repair leaky faucets, reduce meat consumption, purchase recycled or bio friendly products.  This is just a basic list and always research for new ideas or sign up for latest info from environmental news sites.




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