I wish to thank the following people and businesses who have been a great blessing to me.  First, the nice gentlemen at Tire Pros (formerly Big O Tires) in Clearlake California who didn't complain no matter how many times I kept coming in just to check my tires and find out they were inflated to perfection. I also wish to thank God for the cheapest broadband that I have been able to find that is available in Clearlake, which is Mediacom Broadband.  I can't believe they are so inexpensive and I wonder how long their offer will last???;Also, if you are in range of the DSL tower installed by AT&T you can now get the same speed as broadband. I switched and got a bundle (covers Satellite TV for Dish Network or Direct TV if you prefer, DSL internet plus unlmited local and long distance.) With HBO it only costs around $160 per month.

A special thanks to Gosset Alarm/GossettElectric (service they offer in addtion to their alarm company services) for refixing my ground wiring when I misinformed them how it was to be done.  They fixed MY mistake at no extra charge to me!  Thank you Gosset!

This special thanks goes to Danny at Radio Shack (Clearlake TV and Appliance) located at 14915 Olympic Drive in Clearlake, CA Phone (707) 994-4711. I am very grateful for exceptional work and advice that helped to fix my coaxial cable hookups to my camera and saved me alot of expense. I highly recommend him for your electronics needs!

Another very special thanks goes to Arbeez Plumbing (  (707) 349-1200 - located in Clearlake Oaks, CA) for doing additional work above the call of duty without addtional charge as well as giving me advice to resolve future plumbing problems.  I got a free lesson in plumbing prevention that will probably saves me alot of extra cost in the future.

I am very grateful to the help of Matt Loos Investigations for his very reasonable price and professional help.  I highly recommend him and was very impressed with his creative ideas and solutions that saved me considerable expense.

There are numerous others who I wish to thank but did not wish to be mentioned as their businesses would be overwhelmed as is, so I am honoring their request.

For a tasty treat of thanks I thank Taco Bell for their wonderful service and awesome food and staff; located at 15115 Lakeshore Dr., Clearlake CA. Use Google maps to find your way around here. Works for me!

From the Webmaster

Carol Powell