Keeping Kids Calm


PLEASE NOTE!!! Some games may be too intense for really young kids. You know your kid and if they like action games then check the games out. Sometimes games that force us to face our fears (like tornadoes with me) helps us deal better but everyone is different;i.e; the Tornado Alley game is designed to zap twisters so they don't hurt the city (inspired in part by real theory on a show I saw which was "Hacking the Planet". The theory is that cold hitting the botton of a tornado breaks it up. Again, this is just a game and theory is still just theory but if it becomes a means to fight these things, I will be glad.

When you have your basic safety needs have been met of temporary food, clothing and shelter, if you're a family with kids there will be times you have to deal with their stresses and concerns. It is so important to stay positive, let them know that things will get better and especially have fun activities such as card or board games or just reading stories can help alot. Additionally, we have family friendly
site cartoons and 3D video games(PC only) that can help pass the time during the stress of displacement. ..

You can refer to dealing with the stress section for additional ideas. Having a positive attitude is a challenge but kids tend to imitate what they see us adults doing.